Felony Arrest Report

Columbus Police Department
1. Kendell Haynes, 40, 11 Elk Circle, Aberdeen, MS, 3/30/11, Shoplifting, 3rd Offense or $250 or More
2. Shaene Rochelle Everett, 26, 526 Pullen Lake Rd, Aberdeen, MS, 3/30/11, Shoplifting, 3rd Offense or $250 or More

Lowndes County Sheriff Office
3. Michael Murphy, 37, 803 Hall Rd, Macon, MS, 4/05/11, Fondling
4. Fredrick James Moody, 40, 123 Ellis St, Artesia, MS, 4/01/11, Aggravated Assault, Manifest Extreme Indifference
5. Joseph Griffin, 81, 606 Kidd Rd, Caledonia, MS, 4/03/11, Aggravated Assault w/Weapon or Other Means
6. Grover Stanley Hudson, 46, 1258 Dickerson Rd, Steens Rd, 4/03/11, Possession of Marijuana, Public Drunkenness


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  1. Jimmy L. Smith

    Hello, I am currently stationed in Afghanistan. I live in Columbus, Ms. I’ve been trying to find the Columbus Packet online, and was just recently able to find it. I am very much pleased and want to commend all that are responsible for this website. Keep up the good work and keep the stories coming. Thanks again and take care.

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