Dean Acres Shooting Suspect Arrested


Orlando Charvez Harris

Orlando Charvez Harris

Columbus Police said they have made an arrest in the August 14 shooting on Burgundy Drive in the Dean Acres subdivision in East Columbus. Orlando Harris was charged with Aggravated Assault with a Weapon and Violation of Parole and is being held without bond for his involvement with the gunplay. Lionel Hampton, Jr. suffered three gunshot wounds to his leg after he reportedly caught Harris and another suspect breaking into a portable building in the backyard of his home. Willie Beard was also injured in the struggle, suffering a significant cut to his right index finger. Both men were treated and released from Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Traingle early Thursday morning.
CPD investigators searched Harris’ known hangouts in and around Southside Columbus throughout the evening before announcing to local media outlets that he was wanted in connection with the incident. Harris was arrested after a tip came in to CPD Chief Selvain McQueen that the suspect was hiding out at his girlfriend’s house. Harris reportedly surrendered without incident and the second suspect has yet to be named.
As The Packet initially reported, on Wednesday, Aug. 14, officers were dispatched to the area across the street from 447 Burgundy Drive (448) for shots fired and a person who had been shot. Upon arrival, they ran up the driveway to a man lying on his right side and another one sitting near his head.  The man lying down was bleeding from his left leg and the man sitting had blood on him, in different areas, and was bleeding from his index finger on his right hand. The shot victim was Lionel Hampton, and the victim with the hand injury was Willie Beard.
The men told the officers they had been in the shed, behind the house, watching television when two masked men busted in with guns, and fought with them. Beard said he removed the mask of one of the assailants and identified him as Orlando Harris.


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