Clay County Arrest Report for 02/15/17 – 02/21/17
As seen in issue #1233


01. Resheda V. Edwards, arrested on 02/15/17 for failure to appear, hold for other agency-felony

02. Gwendolyn T. Rush, arrested on 02/16/17 for burglary-commercial blg, cars, etc., attempt to commit an offense, failure to appear

03. Shashon J. Baskin, arrested on 02/17/17 for possession with intent to distribute, contempt of court

04. James A. Gandy, arrested on 02/19/17 for burglary-commercial blg, cars, etc x2

05. Wilbur A. Obriant, arrested on 02/20/17 for seat belt violation, suspended drivers license, hold for other agency-felony

06. Shevilla M. Pennington, arrested on 02/20/17 for contempt of court

07. Randy D. Hughes, arrested on 02/21/17 for driving under the influence-1st offense, possession of marijuana vehicle, hold for other agency-misdemeanor

08. John T. Roach, arrested on 02/21/17 for simple assault