The would-be Republican candidate for mayor in Columbus skips out on another chance to prove her veracity.

On March 6, the Republican Municipal Executive Committee denied Garthia Halbert’s effort to run for mayor in the May 2 Republican primary because she did not prove she lived in the city. After that meeting, she contacted the committee and asked for a meeting to discuss the ruling and her residence.

The committee set a meeting for this morning. She failed to attend. Barring some kind of successful legal challenge, Halbert’s efforts are over.

“The meeting was held Friday morning March 10, 2017 at 11 a.m. in a public meeting room of her choosing,” Committee Chairman Robert Wilbur said in an e-mail statement. “The committee’s work is done. The decisions of March 6 stand. Ms. Halbert is not on the ballot for reasons stated. The three ward candidates are certified for the June ballot. No Republican primary necessary because they are unopposed.”

The three ward candidates are incumbents Charlie Box in Ward 3 and Bil Gavin in Ward 6 and challenger Mark Ward in Ward 5.

In an initial statement Friday, Wilbur said: “On March 6 the Columbus Republican Municipal Executive Committee declined to certify Garthia Halbert as a Republican candidate for mayor as she did not satisfy the residency requirements. As per state regulations, the committee worked with Ms. Halbart to set up a time and place for a meeting where Ms. Halbert could be heard on the matter. Securing a place of her choosing and a time within the parameters she stated she could come, the meeting was held. Ms. Halbert did not attend.”

Halbert has been promising for two weeks to correct missteps in her qualifying papers, which originally were filed Feb. 6 and questioned three weeks ago following an investigation by The Packet.

On Feb. 6 when she qualified to run for mayor, she listed her address as 809 2nd Ave. N. She listed her father’s residence in the county as her mailing address and his phone number. An investigation by The Packet found the Second Avenue North address was a vacant house and that Halbert had voted by affidavit ballot at her father’s address in the county last November, saying she had moved from an address on Main Street in Columbus.

Before the March 3 qualifying deadline, she told The Packet she would refile with her correct address in the city. She didn’t.

After the executive committee’s initial decision March 6, she said again she would provide the address where she lived in the city. She apparently didn’t, according to today’s statements from the Executive Committee.