The Packet

What investigators think may have been a drug-induced attack of paranoia lands a Lowndes County mother in jail.

Morgan Putt was charged with possession of crystal meth and child endangerment after deputies found the illegal drug hidden in her 7-year-old son’s clothes in a dresser at their home on Ben Christopher Road in eastern Lowndes County.

According to Lowndes County Drug Task Force Director Archie Williams, deputies went to Putt’s home at about 1:30 a.m. Friday when she called saying she feared she was being poisoned. When they arrived, they found her on the porch with all her groceries, where she’d placed them so they couldn’t be poisoned.

Realizing drugs probably were involved, deputies got consent to search the house and found about a third of a gram of meth hidden in her son’s clothes. The child was at the home at the time.

“She was tweaking pretty good,” Williams said of Putt’s condition, referring to how users often act when under the influence of meth.

She was ordered held on $7,500 bond.

In an unrelated case, 23-year-old Columbus resident Dominique Victoria Debell was charged with possession of meth Monday. Columbus officers responded to a call for service on Third Avenue North, and when they arrived they found Debell in possession of the illegal drug.

In another case, 32-year-old Christopher Binion was charged with felony possession of cocaine, two misdemeanor drug offenses and four different counts of possession or sale of a stolen gun after he was found passed out behind the wheel of his car outside his home at 215 Christian Circle in Columbus.

According to Williams, deputies arrived at the house to find Binion in the car with cocaine in his lap. The discovered Xanax and marijuana in the car and a stolen pistol in his waistband.

A computer check revealed warrants for three other stolen weapons charges.

“We don’t know if he was trading guns for drugs or what was going on. We don’t have any evidence of that right now,” Williams said of any possible link between possible weapons and drug trafficking.