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Shortly before 1 a.m. Sunday multiple shots were fired on Fifth Street in the area of the Princess Theater. Nobody was injured, but several cars – two of which were occupied – were hit. One alleged shooter has been arrested, and police are searching for a second suspect.

Columbus Police Department officers responded to the nightclub after receiving reports that shots had been fired inside. When they arrived, they found that the shooting had actually taken place outside, apparently near the intersection of Third Avenue and Fifth Street South. Eyewitnesses told the Packet that at least one of the shooters was standing in the bar’s door when he opened fire.

Downtown resident Sid Caradine told the Packet that he heard the shots and rushed to scene

“I had just turned off the television and I decided to read a book,” he said. “About 12:45 or so I heard pop-pop-pop, and then something that sounded like an automatic weapon, and then more pops. I was still dressed, and I ran to my car and drove over.”

Caradine said that Fifth Street was so clogged with people on foot and vehicles trying to flee the area that he left his car at the intersection of Fifth and College.

“I couldn’t get down the street,” he said. “I knew that the (emergency responders) wouldn’t be able to, either, so I got out and started directing traffic.”

Caradine said he saw “people stampeding out into the street” from the Princess, and cars speeding onto Fourth Avenue and down around the apartments near Columbus Light and Water.

“People were crazy, screaming, like rats from a sinking ship,” he said.

He later walked up the street and said that he saw the magazine from a 9mm handgun laying on the ground right outside the nightclub’s door.

Tuesday CPD arrested Terrance Lamar Williams, 24, of 1012 4th Street South. He was charged with three counts of aggravated assault for shooting into an occupied vehicle.

Investigators are looking for Morris Dyonte Lanier, 31, of 132 Maple Street, in connection with the shooting. Anyone with any information is asked to call Golden Triangle Crimestoppers at 1-800-530-7151.

Just over a year ago a shooting outside the Princess left a man seriously wounded.

From Packet #1179:

A fight that started in the Princess Theater over a woman ended in gunplay early Sunday morning. Two Columbus Police Department officers saved the victim’s life with CPR, and he was later airlifted to Jackson.

Apparently a fight broke out between a large group of patrons in the Princess. When they were asked to leave, they took it outside, where the violence escalated, culminating in several shots being fired and a man identified as Alexander Crowell, 28, being wounded at least once in the upper body.

The first 911 call, which reported shorts fired and a fight in progress, was received at 12:21 a.m. Sunday. CPD Officers Andres Rodriguez, Amanda Burrell and Thomas Honnoll were the first on the scene, arriving about a minute later. They found Crowell in the middle of a large crowd.

“It was chaotic,” Burrell, who has been with CPD for 12 years, said. “People were running everywhere. We were directed to the corner of 5th Street and 3rd Avenue South, where there was a man lying face up. He wasn’t breathing.”

“He was unresponsive,” Rodriguez said. “We tried to get him to respond, and he wouldn’t. I told Officer Burrell to administer chest compressions, and I started mouth-to-mouth. After about three cycles, he started breathing.”

“Instinct kicks in,” Burrell said. “We’re trained to do it, and you pretty much just know what to do.”

“It was nothing out of the ordinary,” said Rodriguez, who has been in law enforcement for three years, all of which with CPD. “I just did my job.”

Witnesses on the scene told officers that the altercation began when Dennis Hicks, 29, of 601 Alabama Street, and two other suspects got into a confrontation with Crowell over a woman. Hicks later turned himself in. Another of the suspects, Quinton Deangelo Harris, 24, of 300 Swedenburg Circle, also turned himself in later. One other suspect is still at large.

Harris appeared before Municipal Judge Gary Goodwin Monday afternoon. He was charged with possession of a weapon by a felon and aggravated assault. Bond was denied on both charges.