Hope Harrington Oakes

Staff Writer


On Saturday, March 25th, Columbus Police Department will hold their 2nd Career Day in order to recruit applicants for the department.  Applicants will be able to visit with Columbus Police officers, see a video of the police department, have a session with the command staff, complete an application, watch demonstrations of equipment, crime scene technology and the K-9 unit, as well as tour the shooting range and see firearms demonstrations.  According to Assistant Police Chief Fred Shelton, the CPD gave out 45 applications, most of which came to them from the first Career Day that was held in February.  Asst. Chief Shelton stated, “We have hired 10 people since we stepped up our recruitment process.” 

Shelton continued, “We are trying to develop a pool of applicants to increase the number to fill these vacancies, but we are also trying to keep a pool of applicants for future growth and future advancement.  When you get applications, they go the vetting process, and for some reason or another, some people may have an issue or something may come up where they can’t or they don’t meet the criteria, i.e. the background investigation, the psych evaluation, they may not pass the P.T (physical test), something may eliminate them.  So, what we want to do is to get the qualified applicants and keep a pool of applicants readily available, just in case there are some changes and these people will have automatically been through the process, instead of just going out to recruit every time.” Columbus Police Department will begin the Career Day Application at 9 a.m.