COLUMBUS – Challenger Fredrick Jackson defeated incumbent Marty Turner in the Ward 4 runoff Tuesday night by nearly a hundred votes.

The final count, with absentees included, was Jackson 304, Turner 207. There were five affidavit ballots that had not been counted Tuesday night.

Jackson beat Turner outright in every precinct. The precinct results were:

Fire Station 1: Jackson 120, Turner 6.

Propst: Jackson 48, Turner 41

Hunt: Jackson 121, Turner 113.

Absentee ballots were again lopsided in Turner’s favor. With 62 absentees cast, 47 went for Turner and 15 to Jackson.

In the May 2 primary, Jackson got 267 votes, or 31.4 percent, to Turner’s 279, or 32.8 percent. Lavonne Latham-Harris got 169, or 19.9 percent, and Pierre Beard got 135, or 15.9 percent. Jackson had led Turner all night, but a large number of absentees put him in the lead.

Jackson does not face a challenger in the June general election, and so is the councilman-elect.

Turner served one term.