The Packet

COLUMBUS – A former fast food worker has been indicted for allegedly smearing blood and saliva on a sandwich.

A Lowndes County grand jury indicted Sky Samuel, 19, for knowingly selling unwholesome bread or drink, which is a felony with a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

Samuel worked at Jack’s, located on Highway 45 in Columbus, when the alleged incident occurred. She is accused of smearing bodily fluids on a burger that was then served to a drive-through customer on Jan. 7. An arrest warrant was issued Jan. 20 and she turned herself in Jan. 23.

She is being charged under Miss. Code 97-27-15, which states: “Any butcher or other person who shall knowingly sell the flesh of any animal dying otherwise than by slaughter, or slaughtered when diseased, or any baker, brewer, distiller, or other person, who shall knowingly sell unwholesome bread or drink, shall, on conviction thereof, be punished by imprisonment in the penitentiary not more than five years nor less than one year.”

The mother of one of her coworkers made the allegations in a Facebook post that went viral. The Columbus Police Department launched an investigation after the alleged victim, who is from Tupelo, came forward.

The victim alleged that the employees at Jack’s were disrespectful to her. She said that as she was driving back to Tupelo she filed a complaint for poor customer service via the Jack’s web site, and later that night she got a phone call from an unknown number that said, “b****, you eat at Jack’s?” and then hung up.

The victim later got another phone call the next day from someone who claimed to be a Jack’s employee who told her that period blood had been put on her food. After speaking to representatives from Jack’s, the victim contacted CPD.