By Steve Rogers/The Packet

A Lowndes County mother loses her toddler son after investigators find methamphetamine in her house.

Ciarra Michaels, 20, was charged with child endangerment after Lowndes County drug agents searched a house at 901 Gatlin Road early last Wednesday morning.

Investigators found a 19-month-old boy in the house which had no electricity or running water. The Department of Children’s Services took the child for its protection.

Drug Task Force Director Archie Williams said the drugs were found “within hands reach” of the child.

Austin Baird, 22, was charged with possession of meth and with being a sex offender who failed to report following the search.

Agents say they’d received information of possible illegal activity at the residence.

In an un-related case, 30-year-old William Ward Smith was charged with possession of cocaine after DTF agents searched a home at 1175 Starkville Road in Crawford and say they discovered the illegal drug.

Meanwhile, three men are charged with burglary after an alert neighbor helped Lowndes County deputies nab them before they were able to break into an apartment at a complex at 677 Yorkville Road in East Columbus.

Jamod Deloach, 18, Demetrius Mickens, 19, and Johnathan Smith, 20, were charged at 1:40 p.m. Wednesday, according to Sheriff’s Department Capt. Ryan Rickert. The three apparently did not know the resident of the apartment and didn’t have time to try to get into other apartments before being caught, Rickert said.