By Steve Rogers/The Packet

A 62-year-old Lowndes County man told his son, “I burned the MF to the ground.”

At least that’s what Lowndes County Sheriff’s investigators wrote in their reports that prompted arson charges against 62-year-old Aaron Augustinowicz.

Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Marc Miley says Augustinowicz was arrested following a May 27 fire at his mobile home at 1355 Cal-Vernon Road in northern Lowndes County. Investigators interviewed several witnesses, including Augustinowicz’s son, Joshua, who said his father admitted to dousing the run down home with gasoline and setting it on fire, belongings and all

When deputies first arrived, they found the man arguing with a woman, said to be his ex-girlfriend. He told them the fire was the only way he could get her out of the residence. He has another girlfriend, court records said.

Augustinowicz and the woman apparently argued over the other girlfriend, according to witness statements.

The home was not insured.