Showing the new food guidelines that took the place of the food pyramid are Mollie Jane Carpenter, Betsy Hicks, Carrie Baucom and Whitney Brown.

Pictured above – Some of the children get into the fun part of exercising.     (Photos by Hope Harrington Oakes)

Junior Auxiliary’s F3 Project kicked off last Friday, July 7th, at Palmer Home for Children.  The children groups, 1st through 6th graders, learned aboutF3 (Fit and Fabulous Forever), a project created to teach children how to make healthier food choices, to balance a meal, to be informed about food content, to experience various ways to exercise that do not require a gym or special equipment, and to discuss exercise activities found at local parks.  The program teaches students that getting fit for life can be simple and fun. The children also learned the value of warming up before exercising.

F3’s Chairman and JA Active Member Betsy Hicks stated, “F3 is a project typically targeted at fourth through sixth graders in the local schools, promoting healthy physical and nutritional habits.  We are excited to be able to expand the program to include Palmer Home for Children this year.  We set up stations where the children engage in fun, inexpensive activities that teach them about an active lifestyle.”

According to the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH), obesity among Mississippi students and children has historically been among the highest in the nation.  Mississippi children eat less nutritious meals and get less physical activity today than in the past, and it is creating a future for chronic disease and a shorter lifespan.  For more information email them at