(l-r) Nadia Colom, Gabriella Turner, Melinda Lowe, Kaderion Gordon, Brittany Turner, Alexis Pierce, Madison Coleman, Stacy Adams, April Barlow

Gabriella Turner, Kaderion Gordon, Madison Colemean and Alexis Pierce describe the plants they are growing in the plots at the Boys and Girls Club.

Hope Harrington Oakes


The Columbus Boys and Girls Club recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open their new garden, courtesy of the Sowing for Success program through MUW.  Located at the Boys and Girls Club on 14th Avenue,  Chef Stacy Adams helped the children decide what to grow in the garden, and the older children of the B & G Club helped design the garden, figuring plot space, sun and soil, and how many concrete bricks each plot would need.  The Boys & Girls Club was awarded $5,000 from MUW’s Passport to Wellness Program to be used to buy all the supplies and plants needed.  All of the food raised is used to feed the children at the facility.  The children planted  cucumbers, herbs such as sage, rosemary, thyme, and others, squash, peppers, Japanese eggplants, tomatoes, and okra, as well as marigolds to act as a natural pest deterrent.  Chef Adams is proud of the children’s progress and how much they’ve learned.  “I’m learning with the kids, too, as we go.”  Reactions are mixed as far as developing green thumbs.  When asked if they wanted to do this at home, Kaderion Gordon was quick to say no.  “It’s too hot!”  His favorite vegetables that they planted are tomatoes.

Boys and Girls Club of Golden Triangle Director, Nadia Colom stated, “We had a list of items we needed but no dimensions, so we gave that project over to our teen group and math tutor, Simeon Weatherby.  They mapped out based on the amount of square feet that we needed to cover, how many bricks we’d need, how much money it would cost.  It tied over further than just gardening. All the kids did an amazing job.”

MUW Representative, April Barlow, said, “We are excited! It was a $5,000 award from Passport to Wellness to be used by three community centers.  The only thing we required was that they had to have youth programming, and have programs showing how kids are involved.  The Boys and Girls Club, Annunciation Catholic School and Southside Elementary in West Point received the awards. We opened it up to the Golden Triangle and those three put in their proposals and were selected.  Sowing for Success is part of the Passport to Wellness Program sponsored by MUW.