By Steve Rogers

The Packet

A Pickens County, Ala. man is in custody and Columbus police are optimistic they’ll catch the second man wanted in connection with robbery of a man outside his home early Saturday morning.

A police press release says 37-year-old Jeffery Dymont Collie, of Aliceville, Ala., and a second man pulled handguns on the victim as he got out of his car in his driveway at 1107 19th Street North at about 3:45 a.m. Saturday. Assistant Police Chief Fred Shelton says the victim did not know his assailants, who wore bandanas on their face, but that the gun-toting bandits had been told he might be carrying cash after a night out with friends.

He handed over what money he had, but the two gunmen apparently thought there should be more and ordered him to take them inside to get more, Shelton said.

“It was not what they expected. Apparently they thought the victim would have more,” Shelton explained, noting one of the men has family ties to Columbus and may have gotten information about the victim and where to find him from that relative.

By this time, the man’s wife had “heard the commotion in the carport,” saw what was going on and called 911.

“Every time he would unlock the door, she would lock it back. It got the two very frustrated,” Shelton said.

They got so frustrated one of the men shot the door.

“They were mad at him and her,” Shelton noted, adding the two men fled on foot as they heard police sirens approaching.

Collie was found not far away hiding under a porch in the quiet neighborhood of small, mostly single-family homes just off 14th Avenue North. The other suspect abandoned Collie and left in the car the two had driven to the area, Shelton said. Police said they aren’t sure whether Collie may have gotten separated because he was not familiar with the area.

He is being held on $350,000 bond for armed robbery, shooting into an occupied dwelling and felon in possession of a weapon.