The Original Southside Members get ready to participate in the Townsend Blues Festival Memorial Walk.

The “Original Southside” (OSS) group recently held their annual Townsend Blues Festival and Memorial Walk on last weekend.

The Memorial Walk was held on Friday, June 30th at 7 p.m.  People were encouraged to walk from Hank Aaron Park on 7th Street South to Townsend Park where balloons were released to honor the residents who have passed away.  According to their website, The “Original” (OSS)! We are the Remnants of the Original Communal Family of those who fled the “Post Civil War, Sharecroppers Plantation” of the Early 20th Century! Our struggle for prosperity, and self-sufficiency under the oppression of Jim Crowe, created a spirit of “Family” that bound the entire “South Side of Columbus, MS into one family in many homes and neighborhoods! We are Strong, because we are OSS…, and we have survived in spite of being OSS.”

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