The Packet

Body camera video from this weekend’s fatal officer-involved shooting will not be released.

Representatives from MBI met for about 30 minutes with officials from the City of Columbus at 11:30 Monday morning. The decision was made at that meeting.

The Packet put in a public records request for Booth’s body camera video. In an email to the Packet Tuesday afternoon, City Attorney Jeff Turnage wrote: “As promised, we have spoken to MBI and carefully considered your request.  Pursuant to Section 25-61-3 the materials the video is part of an ‘investigative report’ as it is being compiled in the process of detecting and investigating the activity of the officer and may include crime scene demonstrative evidence, may reveal the identity of informants or witnesses, may prematurely release information that would impede the public body’s investigative or detection efforts, may deprive a person of a right to a fair trial or impartial adjudication, endanger the life or safety of a public official or law enforcement personnel. We will let you know when circumstances change, but right now, we are refusing to publish the video.”

Columbus Police Department Officer Jared Booth shot and killed Raymond Davis, 24, early Saturday morning outside the Premier Lounge. The entire incident was recorded on Booth’s body camera, and Mayor Robert Smith announced at a Sunday press conference that Davis was armed with a handgun at the time he was shot.

The City Council and the CPD Oversight Committee viewed the video Sunday evening in a pair of special meetings.

Booth is on paid administrative leave.