Brian Clark, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to aggravated assault domestic violence last September, is asking to be released on bond while his appeal works its way through the court system.

He appeared before Judge Jim Kitchens on June 1. He asked to be released on bond while the appeal process is ongoing. He offered to give up his passport, and even offered to pay for his own ankle monitoring device. A ruling on the decision was expected last week, but had not been issued by press time.

Clark was arrested for aggravated assault domestic violence back in 2013 after he brutally beat his wife and repeatedly slammed her head into a door frame. He then took their child and drove drunk to Waynesboro. He eventually pled guilty in May 2017. He was set to be sentenced Aug. 10, 2017, but Lowndes County Circuit Court Judge Jim Kitchens continued the case until November of that year to allow Clark to complete therapy at the Center for Violence Prevention in Pearl. He had 14 remaining sessions to complete. It was the fifteenth continuance for the case.

Clark’s family owns Clark Oil and Gas..

On Sept. 8, 2017, Clark was sentenced to 10 years, but not before his then-attorney, Rod Ray, asked that Kitchens recuse himself from the case. During an earlier hearing Kitchens had said that he himself had heard rumors that he had accepted “gratuities” from Brian Clark’s family to delay the sentencing. Assistant District Attorney Lindsay Clemons argued that the request did not meet any of the state requirements for recusal. Kitchens refused to recuse himself.

Brian Clark is currently serving his sentence in Kemper County.