Columbus Police have retrieved multiple videos of the armed robbery early Wednesday outside the Princess Theatre on Fifth Street in downtown Columbus. The videos are from the new high-resolution television cameras installed by the city throughout the downtown area. Police now state they are looking for three suspects, according to Police Chief Fred Shelton.
“We have more than one camera that has provided us a good look at the incident,” Columbus Police Chief Fred Shelton said early Thursday morning.
“We are analyzing the video footage now and we hope to release some still photos of the suspects from the videos,” Shelton added.
“We now know that we are looking for three suspects from the incident. We will also have a better description of their clothing after our analysis. We can tell you that the suspects arrived on foot from one block South of the Princess and they walked North. They then left into the same direction; going South,” Shelton added.
The cameras were installed throughout downtown Columbus along with improved lighting at the request of Columbus Mayor Robert Smith and approved by the City Council in cooperation with Columbus Light & Water.