In Search of Good Homes For Our Cats

by Steve Rogers Nine years ago next Tuesday, I trapped a stray cat at Zachary’s in downtown Columbus and gave it to Brennan for her birthday. It launched not only our relationship but also what has been a nine-year love affair with rescuing stray and feral cats. We named that first cat, a solid black male, “Sneakers” because of the way he would slink in the shadows and reach way up with his paw to try to take food from your plate. Our house on Eighth Street North became a magnet for feral cats. The first was Momma Cat,...

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Presley Should Build Partners, Not Adversaries

OPINION by Steve Rogers Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley made a splash in early 2018 when he and his two fellow PSC members completed a six-month blitz by getting the Legislature to approve a bill authorizing the state’s rural electric cooperatives to get into the broadband business. During the PR campaign, Presley went county by county, almost community by community, talking to anyone and everyone who would listen about what high-speed Internet would mean to rural areas – more and better jobs, education, modern living. Presley packaged it with a series of tests designed to illustrate just...

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Knights of Columbus Sponsor Blood Drive

The Knights of Columbus are hosting a blood drive on Sunday, Sept. 29, from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. The Bloodmobile will be at the Annunciation Catholic Church, 823 College Street. All donors are entered to win a $1,000 Amazon gift card, with one winner drawn each week. Contact Bill Adams at 662.370.9534 for an appointment or go to, click donate, then enter sponsor code kofc1....

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Martinez Pleads Guilty in Murder of Husband

This afternoon Christina Martinez, pictured with attorneys Donna Smith and Jay Hurdle, pled guilty to second degree murder in the 2015 killing of her husband, Manuel Vasquez. She was accused of shooting Vasquez and then burning his body, and was previously charged with first degree murder. She faces 20-40 years in prison. Full story in next week’s...

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