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Bret Michaels Honored to Perform at Columbus Air Force Base Rock Festival

Bret Michaels Honored to Perform at Columbus Air Force Base Rock Festival
Special to the Packet

Air Force Entertainment and Columbus AFB collaborated to secure a special guest for the highly
anticipated Rock Festival 2023 concert. The organizers were thrilled to announce the participation of
Bret Michaels, former frontman for the band Poison, who joined Fuel, Everclear, and The Dirty Hooks
for an electrifying performance.
In addition to the concert, attendees were treated to a wide array of attractions suitable for the entire
family. The event featured thrilling carnival rides, an assortment of food trucks, a lively beer garden, and
numerous other entertainment options.
Attendees brought their lawn chairs to ensure their comfort throughout the performance, while a shuttle
bus service operated throughout the evening.
The Rock Festival 2023 provided an unforgettable night of exceptional music and entertainment for all
who attended.
Bret Michaels expressed his deep honor and gratitude in an Instagram post, stating, “There are not
enough words to say how honored I was to play at Columbus Air Force Base for the incredible men and
women that serve our country, along with their families. It was a party like no other, and I look forward
to coming back next year. I want to thank our friends in Fuel, Everclear, and The Dirty Hooks. Wishing a
speedy recovery to our friend Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots.”


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