Chamber Scholarships Announced

Chamber Scholarships Announced

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COLUMBUS, Miss. – The Columbus Lowndes Chamber of Commerce recently hosted its annual Education Awards program on April 27, 2023, at Mississippi University Nissan Auditorium, where over $10,000 in scholarships were presented.

The ceremony acknowledged outstanding achievements in various categories. Among them were the Highest GPA awards for all grades across schools in Lowndes County. The recipients included Nina Weinstein (9th Grade), Patience Hedgepeth (10th Grade), Candra Broome (11th Grade), and Lauren Brown (12th Grade) from Caledonia High School; Caris Whitten (9th Grade), Tyler Phillips (10th Grade), Robert Brock (11th Grade), and Savannah Grissom (12th Grade) from Columbus Christian Academy; Haley Burton (9th Grade), Alexandria Magee (10th Grade), Donovan Hood (11th Grade), and Lauren Graham (12th Grade) from Columbus High School; Mun Patel (9th Grade) and Kailyn Mantooth (10th Grade) from Heritage Academy; Landon Tu (11th Grade) and Claire Ellison (12th Grade) from Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science (MSMS); Baylee Wyers (9th Grade), Isabella Allison (10th Grade), Natalie Bishop (11th Grade), and Lily Henry (12th Grade) from New Hope High School; Ethan Pannell (9th Grade), Madison Shaw (10th Grade), Blaine Harrison (11th Grade), and Caroline Hintz (12th Grade) from Victory Christian Academy; and Kaeli Stallings (9th Grade), Hailley Ingram (10th Grade), Taylan Brown (11th Grade), and Makayla Bell (12th Grade) from West Lowndes High School.

Additionally, outstanding seniors from each school received a $100 scholarship. The recipients were Lauren Brown (Caledonia High School), Luke Phillips (Columbus Christian Academy), Lauren Graham (Columbus High School), Lucy Sharp (Heritage Academy), Madison Echols (MSMS), Addison Robertson (New Hope High School), Caroline Hintz (Victory Christian Academy), and Makayla Bell (West Lowndes High School).

During the event, the Dixie Butler “True Grit” Award was presented to Damien Ross from Columbus High School. Teachers of the Year received a $50 stipend for their classrooms, along with a $50 gift card from Eat with Us Group. The awardees were Lisa Veazey from New Hope Elementary (Elementary Education category), Catina Ross from Columbus Middle School (Middle School category), and Hope Friesen from Heritage Academy (High School category).

Several corporate scholarships were also granted. The recipients included Makayla Bell from West Lowndes (4-County Electric Power), Emily Anne Clark from Caledonia (Bank of Vernon), Allison Porter from Heritage Academy (Carl Hogan Honda), Dia Kher from MSMS (Cindy Egger Goode), Addison Robertson from New Hope High (Citizen’s National Bank), Gabrielle Glass from MSMS (Citizen’s National Bank), Caroline Hintz from Victory Christian (Colin Krieger | RE/MAX), Kelby Miller from Columbus High (Copper Top Sheet Metal, Inc.), Chloe Barr from Heritage Academy (Edward Jones | Josh Read), Elijah Chill from Caledonia (Financial Concepts), Lauren Graham from Columbus High (International Paper), Maggie Sansing from Heritage Academy (International Paper), Lily Henry from New Hope High (Jo Shumake), Zachary Holliman from Caledonia (Michelli Weighing & Measurement), Ethan Box from New Hope High (MUW), JD Hagood from MSMS