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Lowndes County Soccer Complex Named For Community Leader













Lowndes County Soccer Complex Named For Community Leader

By The Packet

In a unanimous decision during Monday’s meeting, the Lowndes County Board of Supervisors took a significant step to commemorate the efforts of a pivotal figure by renaming the local soccer complex. Going forward, the venue will bear the distinguished name of the late Roger Short, acknowledging his instrumental role in its establishment.

Roger Short, as the former director of the Columbus Lowndes Recreational Authority (CLRA), demonstrated astute foresight in identifying the pressing need for a state-of-the-art soccer complex within the region. Earning recognition for his unwavering dedication, Short tirelessly pursued the realization of this vision during his tenure with the CLRA.

Even after the CLRA was dissolved, transferring control of the Soccer Complex to the County, Short continued his commitment by assuming responsibility for overseeing the facility’s activities, maintenance, and ongoing enhancements. His remarkable stewardship as the director of the Lowndes Recreation Department further propelled the complex’s development until his passing in October at the age of 72. 

The decision to rename the complex as the Roger Short Soccer Complex serves as a poignant testament to Short’s enduring legacy. By bestowing this honor upon him, the community acknowledges his visionary approach, tireless efforts, and unwavering determination in materializing the soccer complex. The newly christened complex not only embodies Short’s invaluable contributions but also stands as a lasting reminder of his indelible impact on the local community.